Alpenlux Real Estate has been working with real estate clients to buy and sell homes, and with investors to renovate and generate significant profits, in the Boulder/Denver area for over 25 years. Bobby is passionate about sharing his expertise so you can live your dreams. A Colorado resident for 30 years, Bobby was drawn to Boulder through a love of skiing, cycling and running through the Rocky Mountains! He has two decades of real estate experience and ten years as a marketing consultant.

Bobby is an employing broker with an MBA from University of Colorado, a BS in Accounting and an extensive background in real estate investing. He has successfully completed hundreds of transactions, including personally purchasing over 100 investment properties in Boulder and Denver. Bobby is also a best selling real estate author, speaker/ educator and founding board member of the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors (CAREI).

“Bobby is a full-service realtor! He listened respectfully to us and consistently had helpful and practical advice. Bobby was really a joy to work with. After just a few weeks, the house was sold (at full price) and all parties involved were happy.”

Mary C