When I first met Bobby,it was an instant feeling of””wow this guy understands me!”” I had never purchased anything before,was 26 years old,and had ABSOLUTELY,no Idea of what I needed to do first,what questions I needed to ask etc. He made the process super simple by helping me walk through the steps of what we should do first,second and so on, until I ended up buying a place within the first month! He was so calm,cool,collected and very detailed on all fronts. 7 years later I sold another place I had purchased,and used him as my agent then too. This was again made very simple,as I had moved back to Oregon and was selling it remotely with him as my agent. I completely trusted him and it again took about 1month to complete that sale. He understands construction,and if there is something that needs to be addressed he is well versed in that world of,repairmen and contractors as well. This makes him a complete package,that a buyer/seller would be foolish to not utilize on your behalf. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Bobby!